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KYAAAAAAA!!! today is first airing for my prince charming changminie’s drama!!! please give a lot of love.. I will post download link here.. so follow @changminprincess twitter for update..^^

Streaming: here (warning: if you get message “stream currently not available” please keep refresh it until it’s work)

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Episode 16 (Final): HANrel

Episode 15: Baros | HANrel

Episode 14: Baros | HANrel

Episode 13: Baros | HANrel

Episode 12: BarosHANrel

Episode 11: Baros | HANrel

Episode 10: Baros | HANrel

Episode 9: Baros | HANrel

Episode 8: Baros | HANrel

Episode 7: HANrel

A ‘Very Hardworking’ Han Dong Ju!

Episode 6: Baros | HANrel

Can he be any cuter than this?

Episode 5: Baros | HANrel



DBSK Performance

since I really love My Prince Charming Changminie I decide to put download link for MuBank, MuCore and Inkigayo here… so enjoy!!

20110422 Music Bank (Why+Rising Sun)

20110327 Inkigayo (Bafore you go+1 win)

20110326 Music Core (Before you go)

20110325 Music Bank (Before you go+1 win)

20110320 Inkigayo (Intro+Before you go)

20110319 Music Core (Before you go)

20110318 Music Bank (Intro+ Before you go)

20110305 Music Core (Maximum)

20110304 Music Bank (Maximum)

20110227 Inkigayo (Maximum)

20110226 Music Core (Maximum)

20110225 Music Bank (Maximum)

20110220 Inkigayo (Maxmimum)

20110219 Music Core (Why)


20110213 Inkigayo (Why-remix)

20110212 Music Core (Why)

20110211 Music Bank (Why)

20110206 Inkigayo (Interview+ Why-remix) *my note: Happy Birthday Jung Yunho! Thank GOD.. no Clark Kent’s hair for Changminie today..^^*

20110204 Music Core (Why) *my note: Changmin-a, did you have fight with ur coordi noona? your shirt n hair…>_<*


20110322 JYJ twitter translations

Whoaaaa…. see who’s online??

6002theMicky: 잘지내죠~다들??^^ (7:58AM KST)
6002theMicky: you guys doing fine right~??^^

6002theMicky: 촬영 잘하고올께요^^유타카~송유현 응원해주세요!!ㅇ ㅏㅈ ㅏ~ (8:22AM KST)
6002theMicky: I’m going for shooting^^ Yutaka~Song Yu Hyeon please give your support!! Aja~

6002theMicky:JYJ월드 투어~많이보러오시구요!!ㅇ ㅏㅈ ㅏ~ (8:31AM KST)
6002theMicky: JYJ world tour~ Please come and watch!! AJA~

Mirang_: @6002theMicky 벌써 촬영 시작인가봐용. 홧팅.! 홧팅.! (8:31AM KST)
Mirang_: @6002theMicky I see you already start shooting. Fighting.! Fighting.!

6002theMicky: @mirang_ ^^!!너두 바쁘겠지만~공연두 보러오고 드라마도 챙겨봐!! (8:36AM KST)
6002theMicky: @mirang_ ^^!! You gonna be busy too but~ you have to come for our performance and please look after the drama!!

6002theMicky: 그리고 일본 진심으로 힘내요!! (8:37AM KST)
6002theMicky: And also for people in Japan sincerely be strong!!

mjjeje: 태국에서 다시 겸손이란걸 배운다! 축복받은 왕의 나라 (4:07PM KST)
mjjeje: In Thailand I learn about being humble again! The blessing kingdom

0101xiahtic: 오랫만에..올립니다…^^난 드라이브가 너무 좋아..! (6:52PM KST)
0101xiahtic: After a long time.. I upload…^^ I like driving..!

0101xiahtic: 정말 오랫만에 셀카 찍는다 ㅎㅎ 옆자리에 타실분~~!!!!! (8:25PM)
0101xiahtic: It’s been long time since I took selca hehe. Who’s gonna sit beside me~~!!!!

0101xiahtic: 모두 미안해요..영필님이 옆자리에 탑승했네요……;;ㅠ (8:33PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Sorry to all.. Young Pil-nim occupied the sit beside me…..;;ㅠ

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20110308 JYJ twitter translations

Junsu have good time in Japan!

0101xiahtic: …^^ (4:36PM KST)

0101xiahtic: (5:29PM KST)

0101xiahtic: 레인보우 브릿지..너무예뻐..그리고 내가 사랑하는 노을과… (5:33PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Rainbow Bridge.. Really pretty.. and my beloved sunset…

code07lim: @0101xiahtic 너무이쁘다 (10:41PM KST)
code07lim: @0101xiahtic really pretty

0101xiahtic: @code07lim 하하하 그쵸~^^ (10:43PM KST)
0101xiahtic: @code07lim hahaha right~^^

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20110306 JYJ twitter translations

An(or a group of) owl on work!

mjjeje: J.y자작곡이 오늘로 또 한곡이 탄생했다. 신곡을 만든다는건 기분좋은 일. (3:56AM KST)
mjjeje: Today another piece of J.y was borned. It’s a good things to make a new song.

mjjeje: 열정을다해서 준수 (4:02AM KST)
mjjeje: Junsu’s enthusiasm

The fresh Junsu!

0101xiahtic: 안녕! (11:37AM KST)
0101xiahtic: Hello!

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20110302 MBC Knee Drop Guru

I don’t want to comment.. watch and understand it by urself…


20110228 JYJ twitter translations

Junsu and football is like dolphin and water..^__________^

0101xiahtic: 오늘 첫 공식전! 이겨서 기분 너무 좋아요^^오늘 응원해주신분들 때문에 후반전에 더 힘난듯..고마워요! FC MEN fighting~~ (11:30PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Today is first regular season! I felt so good because we win^^ Today I felt energetic because the cheer i got from all of you.. Thank you! FC MEN fighting~~


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20110226 Quiz Change The World (DBSK)



20110224 JYJ twitter translations

I wanna go on vacation too!!

6002themicky: 지금은!! (12:04PM KST)
6002themicky: Now!!

6002themicky: 후훗!! (12:09PM KST)
6002themicky: Huhu!!

6002themicky: 과자!! (12:13PM KST)
6002themicky: Biscuit!!

6002themicky: 가방은…여행중.. (12:37PM KST)
6002themicky: Bag on vacation..

6002themicky: (1:47PM KST)

6002themicky: (1:50PM KST)

6002themicky: (1:56PM KST)


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20110223 JYJ twitter translations

someone in good mood!

6002themicky: 좋구나~즐겁다!행복하다~날씨좋다!기쁘다!!후훗 (1:58PM KST)
6002themicky: Good~ Happy! Blessed~ good weather! hoot hoot

mjjeje: 久々の日本、、、、、、、(2:01PM KST)
mjjeje: Japan that I can’t see for long time…..

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20110222 JYJ twitter translations

We glad you are happy^^

0101xiahtic:나오늘 드디어 7년만에 놀러여기 왔다 ㅎ (10:21PMKST)
0101xiahtic: I finally after 7 years came here to play

We missed magic castle too…ㅠㅠ

0101xiahtic: …ㅠㅠ (10:25PM KST)
0101xiahtic: …ㅠㅠ

0101xiahtic:이안에 았는것만으로도..흥분됐어..난^^ (10:36PMKST)
0101xiahtic:Just being here.. I’m excited..^^

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20110221 JYJ’s twitter translations

I miss Bakira too!

0101xiahtic: 바키라 ㅋ어디갔나했더니 ㅋ  (2:10PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Bakira where have you been

Yea! We miss you on twitter so much! Drag Yoochun with you too!!

0101xiahtic: 오늘 오랫만에 휴식이라 이제야 소개하네요^^귀염둥이 막내~쉐도우 예요!!브리티쉬 종입니다! (2:31PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Today after a long break i introduce it to you^^ The youngest cutie~ Shadow!! British breed!

He make me recall my favorite actor from Charmed series!

0101xiahtic: 레오야~~ㅎㅎ (2:54PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Leo-ya~~ hehe


0101xiahtic: 얘는 순하게 생겨서 성격도 정말 순해요^^ (2:56PM KST)
0101xiahtic: He came smothly and he have soft character too^^

0101xiahtic: 사람같은 바키라 ~또자니…. (2:58PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Bakira who like a human ~sleep again…

0101xiahtic: 위풍당당 서열1위 티거!!ㅎ (2:59PM KST)
0101xiahtic: The tallest king Tiger!!

Owhhh.. i hope Pard and Odd find someone who can take care over them…

0101xiahtic: 다들 물어보시는데..파드와 오드는..딴데로 다시 입양보냈어요!ㅠ (3:01PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Many asked me.. Pard and Odd.. were adopted by someone else!

0101xiahtic: 바키라..지금은 내 배위로 올라와서 잠들었어…;;(3:05PM KST)
0101xiahtic: Bakira.. he came up on my stomach and sleep…;;

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